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This page is for information only and applies to A2 (303 stainless) produced Nuts and Bolts. Tightening to maximum torque is NOT recommended and may result in the failure of the product. Outside Diameters (OD) is standard on all materials....

M3....OD 8mm Dia x 3.0mm high.   Max Torque....  7n/m (5lb) (hand tight recommended....)

M4....OD 8mm Dia x 3.0mm high.   Max Torque....  8n/m (6lb) (hand tight recommended....)

M5....OD 9.5mm Dia x 4.0mm high.   Max Torque....  10n/m (8lb) (hand tight recommended....)

M6....OD 13mm Dia x 6.0mm high.   Max Torque....  15n/m (12lb) (hand tight recommended....)

M8....OD 16mm Dia x 6.5mm high    Max Torque....  40n/m (31lb)

M10..OD 19mm Dia x 7.5mm high    Max Torque....  55n/m (42lb)

M12..OD 22mm Dia x 9.0mm high    Max Torque....  70n/m (51lb)

M16... OD 28mm Dia x 11mm high    Max Torque....  80n/m (60lb)

M20... OD 35mm Dia x 13mm high   Max Torque....  80n/m +

M24... OD 38mm Dia x 15mm high   Max Torque....  80n/m+


Mild steel Nuts/Bolts are (minus) -30% Torque of the A2 nuts in soft state, when case hardened they attain the torque equivalent to A2 products....

Disclaimer:-All the tests were carried out in house and the above data is not guaranteed in the final product, over tightening will result in damaged fasteners/tools and a failure of the product in its application...


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